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Leather Lever/Recurve Bow Holder - 3 Sizes Available!

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Finally after much testing and multiple prototypes, we have produced a Full Grain American Leather Lever/Recurve Bow holder!

They come in three sizes;  4",  8" and 14".  The 3" has a belt loop, for your belt to go through.  The 8" and 14" have snaps that attach to your belt.

This will cut down on your fatigue, also helpful for boat captains that drive and shoot at the same time. Perfect for anyone that shoots tournaments.

The medium and large have an adjustable strap that is available in leather or camo webbing. They all come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

And most of all....USA Made!

4" - if you rest your  bow on your hip or top of your pants, this is the one you need.
8" - 95% will buy this one!
14" - if you are tall like Shaq, this is the one for you!!